6 Aralık 2013 Cuma

walk around, think and write

Céline: Merci. Have you ever spent some time in Eastern Europe?
Jesse: Eastern? No, no...
Céline: No? I, uh, remember as a teenager I went to Warsaw, when it was still a strict communist regime. Which I don't approve of at all.
Jesse: (Sarcastically.) Oh yeah, sure you don't...
Céline: No, I don’t.
Jesse: No, I'm just kidding!
Céline: But, anyway, something about being there was very interesting, I found. After a couple of weeks, something changed in me. The city was quite gloomy and gray and...but, after a while, my brain seemed clearer. I was writing a lot more in my journal, ideas I had never thought of before.
Jesse: Communist ideas?
Céline: Listen, I'm not...
Jesse: I'm sorry, I can't...Go on!
Céline: I'll send you to a Gulag! No...but it took me a while to figure out why it felt, you know, so different. And then, one day, as I was walking through the Jewish cemetery, I don't know why, but it occurred to me there, I realized that I had spent the last 2 weeks away from most of my habits. TV was in a language I didn't understand. There was nothing to buy, no advertisements anywhere. So, all I've been doing was...walk around, think, and write. My brain felt like it was at rest, free from the consuming frenzy. And I have to say, it was almost like a natural high. I felt so peaceful inside, no...strange urge to be somewhere else, to shop...Maybe it could have seemed like boredom at first, but it quickly became very, very soulful. It's interesting, you know?

*before sunset
**bulunca gidilecek yerler arasında, aklımdan çıkmıyor, filmi izleyeli kaç gün oldu, düşüne düşüne yaşadığım çevreye soğuyorum

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